Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Update

I thought it would be cool to check in and give an update on how everybody that I worked with is doing.

I am in medical school, doing what I set out to do. Yay? I'm hopefully about to finish my second year.

Matt is also in medical school, but a year behind me.

Nare is working on her Ph.D at a lab in Leicester, UK. 

Hayk is doing the same in Dusseldorf, Germany (Hayk how I am jealous of you!)

Astghik is married and has a son. I'm happy for her!

Of the four I speak to Hayk most often, and then Nare. Astghik I went a very long time without hearing from here, and then recently she popped up on Facebook. It's a small world!


Ok, slowly but surely, as promised I'm adding to this. The attached clip is a video of a song by the Armenian singer Andre. He represented Armenia in the 2006 Eurovision contest. One day we were watching television, and I came across this video: Sonne Le-Le
What caught my eye was that the video was shot on the Telekom Express 66 that runs between Bonn and Bad Honef along the Rhein in Germany. Why would I know that you ask? Well, because I lived in the town of Koenigswinter for about two months, and used that train more times than I can count to get to and from Bonn. I recognized the pink color of the train, and saw the sign for "Oberdollendorf," one of the stops on the train. Don't you love being a travel geek. In the process of being all geeky about the video, I started to like the song. I went out and bought the CD, and still have it almost three years later. Wow, memories!